Smart Call # 66 – Crowdsourced IVR hacking

August 3rd, 2009

One of the big buzzwords in IT right now is “crowdsourcing,” the practise of harnessing “the wisdom of the crowd,” as represented by the millions of people online, to find the talent needed to solve problems.

Crowdsourcing is generally held to be a positive thing because it lets you tap into willing and clever people who help you to solve problems.

But what if crowdsourcing instead solved problems that your customers have? Like their frustration with your IVR?

That’s what’s happening at, a site on which members of the public can post the keypress sequences that get them through an IVR and straight to an agent.

Sean Riley, the site’s creator, joins us on this week’s show to explain why he developed the site, the public’s reaction and his future plans.

We’re also joined by Dr. Catriona Wallace from to analyse news including:

Thanks as ever to founding sponsor NSC.

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