Smart Call # 70 – Travel and analytics advance agents

October 25th, 2009

On this show, we have a look at two unusually advanced ways to improve agent performance.

The first comes in our main presentation, which comes from Paul Cahill, General Manager Customer Service at Internet Service Provider iiNet, which operates contact centres in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Paul explains how iiNet works to build a consistent culture across these three nations. One tactic: sending staff abroad so they can experience its centres in other nations, share experiences and make sure everyone delivers consistently.

Our second feature is a sponsor interview with Fergal Murphy, IBM Global Business Services’ Senior Managing Consultant for Business Analytics & Optimisation.

Fergal joins us to explain Analytics Optimised Routing (AOR), a new technology from IBM that applies analytics to the task of routing. The idea behind AOR is that skills-based routing is great, but if you can route to an agent whose personality and lifestyle matches the caller’s, they’ll be more empathetic and you’ll get better results.

Fergal explains the genesis of AOR and offers a case study to explain its benefits.

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