Smart Call #72 – Electrifying customer service

November 23rd, 2009

Sorry for the corny title for this show, but what else can one call a program in which our two interviewees come from Energex and Energy Australia?

From Energex, we have Dayle Grant, the company’s Contact Centre Group Manager. Dayle joins us to explain how the company gets ready for summer, when tropical storms, extreme heat and even wildfires can mean that the company¬† gets 100,000 calls an hour from customers anxious to know if they are safe or (when things really go pear-shaped) when electricity will return.

Energex has all sorts of interesting tactics to cope with these surges, including a very interesting use of home-based agents.

And stick around to the end of the interview when Dayle explains the ROI from these efforts.

Our second feature comes from the Right Now summit, which I attended as a guest of the company in early November.

At the summit I had the good fortune to be present for a case study delivered by Samantha Forbes, Quality Assurance & Training Manager, Customer Services at Energy Australia. This is one of the best presentations I have ever heard at a call centre conference and details how the company replaced a real dud of a knowledge base with a shiny new one from Right Now at accrued all sorts of benefits along the way. Training time fell, agents became more engaged and customer satisfaction is heading in the right direction.

Samantha offers fabulously detailed insights into the company’s change program in this wonderful presentation.

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