Smart Call # 67 – The tail wagging the dog

August 19th, 2009

This week’s show tackles a couple of long-held assumptions:

Many listeners’/readers’ will be just about to leap out of their chairs upon reading this pair of statements, because they just are not true and this week’s Smart Call proves it with two stories explaining how the call centre tail is wagging the dog.

We prove it in an interview with Genesys’ Jason Stirling, who explains how the company is working to get every part of an organisation that touches a customer working together, instead of just leaving the contact centre to do it all – or just to cop all the flak when things go wrong.

We’ve also got an interview with Denice Pitt and Sadip Sen of Aegis, who together explain how Aegis – which has just formalised its takeover of UCMS – plans to bring 2000 new BPO jobs to Australia. Yep that’s right – an Indian company BRINGING jobs to Australia!

Oh and as I mention in the show, here’s Episode 15 of Smart Call, which pertains to Jason Stirling’s interview.

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